The Lorinser S-Class

Spectacle: The S-Class!

If you are enthusiastic about the technology, comfort and prestige of the new S-Class, you surely are of the new Lorinser S-Class study as well. Finest materials combined with an exclusive design result in a true Lorinser. This S-Class forms a synthesis of sportiness and elegance and brings it to a whole new level of vehicle modification.


Lorinser typical perfection in every detail. The areodynamic-set from Lorinser satisfy all expectation when it comes to design, safety and quality.


The S-Class already looks speedy while it’s parked at the stand. Lorinser’s engine experts perform precise and very fine work to elevate the S-Class to an impressively high level.

Carbon Flaps

The Lorinser Carbon-Flaps brings your S-Class to new level of sportiness and gives here a unique style

Exhaust System

A look at Lorinser’s four-pipe large-volume exhaust system suggests that this model will leave all the other cars on the highway in its wake