The Lorinser E-Coupé

From sporty model to a top-class athlete.

The new options package from Lorinser transforms the E-Class Coupé that is already a very sporty model into a top-class athlete. The athletic upgrade comes courtesy of a comprehensive aerodynamics set, a sport exhaust with square dual tail-pipes, numerous interior improvements, stylish light alloy wheels and a lowering kit.

An extraordinary face with a firm rear end.

The E-Class Coupé with Lorinser Aerodynamics Pack / Muscular, but not flashy. Masculine yet elegant. The Lorinser E-Class Coupé is the perfect unison of an athlete and a gentleman in a single vehicle. With a new spoiler bumper, the striking rear bumper panel and the big side skirts, all parts of the aerodynamics package have been perfectly synchronized to leave a lasting impression, and not just on the girls.