Simple & Intelligent

Lowering Module

The Lorinser lowering can be activated directly with the steering wheel keys - approved by the German TÜV and within seconds.



Sporty appearance or maximum ground clearance for rough road tracks: Adjust the vehicle level easily by up to 3 cm upwards or downwards and separately for front and rear axle. Just save the optimum setting.

Comfort and safety:


The chassis automatically sets back to the original chassis setting from a speed as of 50 km/h. Thus, the safety during high-speed trips and the familiar comfort remain unchanged in any situation.


fully automatic

The system adjusts fully automatically to your individual setting when the speed drops below 50 km/h. The effective setting can always be seen in the instrument cluster.

The future of

Chassis Adjustment

Lorinser offers the unique opportunity to adjust your suspension individually. Lower your vehicle and optimize the sporty look at the touch of a button – headlamp adjustment included. The same fine tuning is available to ensure an adequate ground clearance for your vehicle when driving on bad road conditions. You benefit in all respects from fully developed sport technology for highest requirements.

Lorinser Lowering module – available for all Mercedes Benz vehicle models with ABS chassis or Airmatic.

Model model range article number
C-Class 205 L323 2000 40
GLC-Class 253 L323 2000 40
E-Class 212 L323 2000 30
E-Class 213 L323 2000 40
ML-Class 164 L323 2000 15
ML-Class/GLE-Class 166 L323 2000 10
GLE-Coupé 292 L323 2000 50
CLS-Class 218 L323 2000 30
S-Class Airmatic 221 L323 2000 20
S-Class ABC-Fahrwerk 221 L323 2000 25
S-Class 222 L323 2000 40
CL-Class Airmatic 216 L323 2000 20
CL-Class ABC-Fahrwerk 216 L323 2000 25
S-Class Coupé/Cabrio 217 L323 2000 25
SL-Class ab 03/06 230 L323 2000 71
SL-Class 231 L323 2000 25
GL-Class 164 L323 2000 15
GL-Class/GLS-Class 166 L323 2000 10